In the village

The village of Ganchovets is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Bulgaria. Nestled at the foot of the Balkans, the village is close to the main road Veliko Tarnovo - Gabrovo and only a few kilometers from Dryanovo - the town of Kolyu Ficheto. The nature around the village offers great routes for walks - both for experienced tourists and amateurs. You can walk to the nearby village of Runya, to the "Wild Hut" - a small shelter, built and maintained by the villagers, as well as just in the meadows and forests around.

The village Community Center offers a playground, climbing frames for children, a tennis table, an ethnographic and retro collection, as well as a huge cinema hall where screenings can be organized, by prior arrangement. There is also a room for courses or conferences at your disposal.


Dryanovo is the hometown of the remarkable Revival master Kolyu Ficheto. You can visit the old part of the city, the museum of Kolyu Ficheto, the bridge, the church "St. Nikola” and the Ikonomova house, built by him. On the pedestrian side there are several nice cafes and restaurants. 

Dryanovo Monastery and Bacho Kiro Cave
If you are already in the area, the Dryanovo Monastery and the Bacho Kiro Cave are must-see destinations - unique architecture, beautiful garden, good cuisine, shops and workshops, museum exhibits and amazing nature around. You can spend a wonderful afternoon in this beautiful place. The monastery is located 4 km from Dryanovo and about 10 km from the village of Ganchovets.


20 km south of Ganchovets is Tryavna - one of the most beautiful Revival towns in Bulgaria, with a unique atmosphere and architecture. The town can be reached by a picturesque mountain road that passes through Dryanovo and Tsareva Livada. If you haven't been to Tryavna yet, you should visit it at all costs and enjoy the new and old part of the city - with many cafes, restaurants and pubs, workshops and craft shops.

Veliko Tarnovo

The old capital of Bulgaria - one of its most beautiful cities, is located only 18 kilometers from Ganchovets. It can be reached by car in about 20 minutes. From the bus stop to the village there are buses to Veliko Tarnovo every 90 minutes. Veliko Tarnovo offers countless opportunities for recreation and entertainment - the "Tsarevets" mediaval complex, "Sveta Gora" (Holy Hill), Samovodska Bazaar, Gurko Street, Central Street, museums, galleries, restaurants and more. The city has dozens of churches and cultural monuments, theater, restaurants with live music, etc.

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Kilifarevo Monastery
Kilifarevo Monastery is located only 16 km from the village of Ganchovets. Patriarch Evtimiy Tarnovski received his education there, and master Kolyu Ficheto built the current monastery church “St. Dimitar ”, preserving parts of the altar wall of the destroyed old church and the chapels.

Arbanassi village
5 km northeast of Veliko Tarnovo is the village of Arbanassi - an attractive center for tourists not only because of the fresh air, unique views and taverns with good wine, but also because of the five churches, two monasteries and beautiful old, stone houses.


In half an hour by car or bus you can reach "the capital of humor" - Gabrovo. There is a unique museum "House of Humor and Satire", which brings together works of art from Bulgaria and the world related to laughter. Other sights in the city are the Historical Museum, the Art Gallery, the National Museum of Education.

The architectural and ethnographic complex "Etara" and the Sokolski Monastery
One of the most attractive destinations in the region of Gabrovo is the architectural and ethnographic complex "Etara", which is a museum of the Bulgarian Revival with ancient workshops for traditional crafts.
4 km south of "Etara" is the Sokol Monastery, recently restored, with a beautiful church with an incredible view. In his yard there is a white stone fountain with eight spouts - falcons, built in 1865. by master Kolyo Ficheto. You can reach the monastery from Etara by car or hiking on marked eco-trails.

You can visit also the architectural and historical reserve "Bozhentsite" near Gabrovo  - a village with over 600 years of history, which has preserved its authentic ancient appearance from the Bulgarian Revival, as well as valuable architectural and ethnographic monuments.