• Infrared sauna
  • Massage – classical, reflexology, etc. by licensed masseurs
  • Spa treatments (see below)
  • Free wireless high-speed internet
  • Mini audio system, speakers
  • Washing machine, dishwasher
  • Transport from Veliko Tarnovo or Gabrovo (on request)
  • Organizing courses and business meetings
  • Conference hall with multimedia – in the community center, on request
  • Breakfast (on request)
  • Confectionery – specially made cakes for your celebrations
  • Eco-products – honey, cheese, cow milk, herbs and more
  • Shop and bar 50 meters from the house
  • Projector (on request)
  • Cinema screen under the shed (summer season)
  • Fireplace, oven, barbecue, electric grill
  • Hairdryer, iron, ironing board


Infrared sauna


Classical, reflexotherapy

Spa treatments at a discount in the VIP studio – Dryanovo

Reservations and vouchers available at Art Eco Land.

salt room

Salt room
Children up to 14 years (one companion)
20 min / BGN 16
Children’s salty party with animator
1 hour / BGN 16 per child (min. 3 children)
Therapy for adults – 40 min / BGN 20

Pressure therapy

Whole body pressure therapy with sauna effect
Lymphatic drainage massage device.
Provides Anti-cellulite effect, strengthens blood circulation, eliminates toxins, burns fat.
40 min / BGN 25


Face skin therapy with modulated light
Renews skin, anti-aging effect.
Reduces hyper-pigmentation.
Effective treatment for acne.
Reduces age spots and freckles.
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
20 min / BGN 25